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Federation of the Austrian Automotive Industry and its Component Suppliers


The Federation is a working group organized within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The Federation was founded jointly by the Federal Economic Chamber, the Industry Division, 4 trade associations [METALTECHNOLOGY AUSTRIA, Chemical Industry, Electrical and Electronic Industries, Association of the Austrian Textile, Clothing, Shoe and Leather Industry (Textile Industry Group)] and the Austrian Association of External Economic Relations (ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA). The Federation is presided by Chairman Dietmar Schäfer, Deputy Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Damianisch and operated by the Managing Directors Dr. Berndt-Thomas Krafft and Dr. Wolfgang Locker.


The Federation complements and cooperates in a spirit of partnership with the activities of the regional clusters of the automotive suppliers.


A strong partnership for success provides the companies with competent support.


The Federation ensures the leading position of the Austrian automotive industry and its component suppliers in the future, against the backdrop of global competition!


Chairman: DI Dietmar Schäfer
Managing director: Clemens Zinkl
Managing director: Ing. Christian Wurstbauer


Federation of the Austrian Automotive Industry and its Component Suppliers

Member companies of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) benefit from customized, specific and targeted services:

  • Initiatives to support the creation of specific careers for the industry, from the training of apprentices to technicians and certified engineers in the automotive industry.

  • Organization of the participation in international automotive trade shows all over the world, in cooperation with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Austrian Association of External Economic Relations).

  • Targeted fact finding and economic missions to new promising markets within the scope of the internationalization campaign of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA.

  • Coordination of issues and industry-specific interests for a joint appearance abroad.


Federation of the Austrian Automotive Industry and its Component Suppliers

  • Improvement of the image and the public perception of Austrian automotive and component supply companies, in order to provide a basis for optimizing the industrial policy framework. In this way, the Federation contributes to boosting competitive strength, growth and employment

  • Specialist advice and support to automotive suppliers represented in the WKO

  • Lobbying in the best interest of all Austrian automotive suppliers, in coordination with the trade associations of the WKO. As a service provider the Federation offers customized support for suppliers. Its activities complement those of regional cluster organizations and it cooperates with them in a spirit of partnership

  • As WKO members, all automotive and component supply companies automatically benefit from this crossindustry initiative within the structure of the Economic Chamber.