Cimbria Heid GmbH

Address Heid-Werkstraße 4
A - 2000 Stockerau
Telephone + 43 (0) 2266 699-0
Fax + 43 (0) 2266 655 90


Cimbria Heid are one of Europe’s oldest producers of Agro-engineering products (machines and plants for the preparation of seeds and granular products).

· Planning and erection of turnkey seed processing plants,

· Planning, production and erection of turnkey plants for the industrial treatment of grain and other granular products,

· Planning, production and erection of turnkey silos.

Cimbria Heid supply every kind of machine for drying, cleaning, grading, dressing, and packing granular products, seeds, pulses, ground-nuts, green coffee beans and rice. The company’s own R&D department cooperates worldwide with specialists to ensure the application of the latest scientific advances in the treatment of cereals and granular products.

Employees 51-100