EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Address Unterfeldstraße 3
A - 4052 Ansfelden
Telephone + 43 (0) 732 31 90-0
Fax + 43 (0) 732 31 90-23

The privately owned Austrian company Erema has a staff of about 250 employees and is specialized in the development, designing and fabrication of recycling plants for the plastics processing industry. Since the foundation of Erema in 1983, there have been delivered up to date roughly 2,000 complete plants. In 2003/2004, the turnover amounted to approx. 60 MILLION EURO.

Due to the permanent technical improvement of the plants, the field of application is ever expanding. The excellent processing quality, reliable operation, latest state-of-the-art technology and high customer benefit have earned Erema a reputation of global market leader (99% of the production is exported; the company has registered roughly 1,000 patents worldwide). Erema has received several -also international- awards for quality and innovation.