M-U-T Maschinen - Umwelttechnik - Transportanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Address Schießstattgasse 49
A - 2000 Stockerau
Telephone + 43 (0) 2266 603-0
Fax + 43 (0) 2266 603-202
E-Mail office@m-u-t.at
Web http://www.m-u-t.at

The product range of M-U-T Stockerau, near Vienna, comprises:

Municipal vehicles: Rotating drum refuse compactors, refuse collecting trucks, container trucks, road sweepers, sewerage system cleaning trucks, street cleaning vehicles.

Sewage engineering: Components for large-scale plants, compact sewage cleaning units, flotation plants for pre-cleaning of industrial waste water.

Environmental protection: Sludge dewatering by fluidized-bed dryer, biofilters for biological cleaning of polluted exhaust air, compost treatment plants, refuse transfer stations, refuse and laundry handling systems for hotels and hospitals, waste presses.

Conveying technology: Belt conveyors, bucket elevators, automatic parcel conveying plants, drag chain conveyors, cellular wheel sluices, bunker reclaiming equipment.

With its product range M-U-T is certainly one of the most important suppliers of comprehensive solutions for the waste disposal sector.

Employees 101-250