Neuson Hydrotec GmbH

Address Gaisbergerstraße 52
A - 4030 Linz
Telephone + 43 (0) 732 904 00-0
Fax + 43 (0) 732 904 00-200

Neuson Hydrotec GmbH

Products and services „Made in Austria“ with highest international reputation.


With its varied range of products and services, Neuson Hydrotec safeguards the success of its customers by ensuring premium, consistent quality backed by decades of experience which is reflected in perfect solutions for all applications.


As a result of continuous investment and its modern production

facilities in Linz and Kleinlobming, Neuson Hydrotec GmbH is one of the leading companies in the Austrian hydraulic and job order production sectors. Neuson Hydrotec GmbH evolved from the merger of the former Neuson Hydraulik GmbH, Neuson Ölfeldschieber GmbH, Reiter GmbH and MPT GmbH, and currently employs a workforce of 250. Shorter process routes, faster reaction times for customers and suppliers and the use of only one central ERP system will in future continue to strengthen the homogenous market presence of Neuson Hydrotec.


Innovative, customised solutions are developed and manufactured in modern facilities, and are appreciated by leading companies in a wide range of mobile and industrial sectors in which controlled hydraulic power plays a pivotal and critical role in work processes. Drive components and mechanical job order production are marked by outstanding economy and reliability, and alongside customer satisfaction are Neuson Hydrotec‘s main priorities.