Röhren- und Pumpenwerk Bauer Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Address Kowaldstraße 2
A - 8570 Voitsberg
Telephone + 43 (0) 3142 200-0
Fax + 43 (0) 3142 200-205
E-Mail bauer@bauer-at.com
Web http://www.bauer-at.com

BAUER, located in Voitsberg (Styria) has 70 years of experience in developing and producing irrigation and slurry systems and is the biggest single source for the whole range of irrigation technology.

The worldwide sales net of BAUER reaches across the whole globe. BAUER systems irrigate already 1.5 million ha in 60 countries. Due to the increasing food demand of the world's growing population, the irrigated areas have to be expanded continuously.

Under the technological aspect, computer control is gaining ground rapidly. The irrigation programs can already be linked to metereological and cultivation programs.


Irrigation Technology

Slurry Technology