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Find here your contacts, direct dials and email adresses of the respective responsibilities in the METALTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES.
You can reach your contacts via telephone number +43 (0)5 90 900- dial.


Administrative procedures Bernhard Wagner 3487
Agricultural machinery Barbara Schicker 3468
Antidumping Sabine Hesse 3358
Antitrust law Barbara Schicker 3468
Association of the Austrian Foundry Industry Adolf Kerbl 3476
Association for Quality in Water Treatment Technology (GWT) Alexander Fuchs-Fuchs 3459
Association for Central Heating and Ventilation (VZHL) Harald Rankl 3479
Association of Austrian Boiler Suppliers (VÖK) Sabine Hesse 3358
Austrian Association for Steel Constuction (ÖSTV) Georg Matzner 3295
Austrian Association for Surface Treatment of Aluminium (ÖVA) Barbara Schicker 3468


Boiler suppliers Sabine Hesse 3358


CECE Committee for European Construction Equipment Barbara Schicker 3468
CE-marking Harald Rankl 3479
Georg Matzner 3295
Central Heating and Ventilation Harald Rankl 3479
Central Institute for Welding (SZA) Georg Matzner 3295
CETS European Association for Surface Treatment Barbara Schicker 3468
Collective wage agreements Bernhard Wagner 3487
Barbara Schicker 3468
Berndt-Thomas-Krafft 3440
Competition law Barbara Schicker 3468
Company- and Productdatabase Elisabeth Enfelder 3485
Michaela Popofsits 3438
Construction Products Directive Anton Resch 3444
Georg Matzner 3295
Contract conditions Harald Rankl 3479
Corrosion protection of steel constructions Georg Matzner 3295


Dental equipment Barbara Schicker 3468
Diesel Engines and gas turbines Johanna Spitzer 3467

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Elevators Barbara Schicker 3468
Environmental legislation Ulrike Witz 3366
Clemens Zinkl 3470
Sabine Hesse 3358
Environmental policy Sabine Hesse 3358
Ulrike Witz 3366
Environmental technology Georg Matzner 3295
Ulrike Witz 3366
European Association of Pumps Manufactures (EUROPUMP) Barbara Schicker 3468
European Committee for the Co-operation of the Machine Tool Industries (CECIMO) Berndt-Thomas Krafft 3440
European Committee of Associations of Manufactures of Agricultural Machinery (CEMA) Barbara Schicker 3468
European Committee of Invironmental Technology Suppliers Associations (EUCETSA) Georg Matzner 3295
European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations (CECOF) Harald Rankl 3479
European Committee of Machinery Manufactures for the Plastic and Rubber Industries (EUROMAP) Ulrike Witz 3366
European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) Johanna Spitzer 3467
European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) Barbara Schicker 3468
European Lift Association (ELA) Barbara Schicker 3468
European research projects Harald Rankl 3479
European Steel Tube Association (ESTA) Barbara Schicker 3468
EuroWindoor Anton Resch 3444


Federation of European Window and Facade Manufacturer Associations (FAECF) Anton Resch 3444


General terms of delivery and assembly Harald Rankl 3479


Heat treatment Barbara Schicker 3468
Heating boilers Georg Matzner 3295
Hot dip galvanizing Barbara Schicker 3468

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Industrial furnaces Harald Rankl 3479
Industrial policy Berndt-Thomas Krafft 3440
International Association of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractors (GCI) Harald Rankl 3479
International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) Johanna Spitzer 3467


Labour law / safety Bernhard Wagner 3487
Legal advice Harald Rankl 3479
Legal matters Barbara Schicker 3468


Machine tools Martin Baminger 3477
MANUFUTURE AT Ulrike Witz 3366
Mercantile law Sabine Hesse 3358
Metal constructions Georg Matzner 3295
Metal Windows, Doors and Gates Anton Resch 3444


Notifications Sabine Hesse 3358


Orgalim Berndt-Thomas Krafft 3440


Plastics and rubber machinery Ulrike Witz 3366
Price-variations issues Barbara Schicker 3468
Harald Rankl 3479
Price indices Martin Baminger 3477
Product source inquiries Elisabeth Enzfelder 3485
Michaela Popofsits 3438
Protection of employees Bernhard Wagner 3487
Public procurement law Barbara Schicker 3468
Harald Rankl 3479
Public Relations Berndt-Thomas Krafft 3440
Pumps Barbara Schicker 3468

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Quality Management Berndt-Thomas Krafft 3440


Register of member companies Elisabeth Enzfelder 3485
Michaela Popofsits 3438
Ropeways Barbara Schicker 3468


Scales Bernhard Wagner 3487
Standards committee: contracting Harald Rankl 3479
Standards committee: domestic technology Harald Rankl 3479
Standards committee: planing of orders Harald Rankl 3479
Standards committee: welding Georg Matzner 3295
Steam boilers, legislation on Georg Matzner 3295
Steel constructions Georg Matzner 3295
Steel Tubes Barbara Schicker 3468
Surface treatment Barbara Schicker 3468
Clemens Zinkl 3470
Surface treatment on aluminium Barbara Schicker 3468


Testing technology Georg Matzner 3295
Trade policy Sabine Hesse 3358
Transport and infrastructure policies Barbara Schicker 3468


Umbrella Organization Energy-Climate Protection Sabine Hesse 3358


Water technology Alexander Fuchs-Fuchs 3459
Welding technology Georg Matzner 3295
Woodworking machinery Johanna Spitzer 3467
Working group: Austrian Steel Pipe Manufacturers Barbara Schicker 3468
Working group: Metal Window, Doors and Gates (AMFT) Anton Resch 3444
Working group: Surface Technology (AOT) Barbara Schicker 3468