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represents all Austrian industrial enterprises active in mechanical and plant engineering, steel construction and metalware production, which accounted in 2018 for a total production value of 39 billion Euro. This branch with more than 1,200 mainly medium-sized companies employing over 135,000 people, is the backbone of Austrian industrial employment. The top priority of the Association is to help shape the legal and economic framework conditions required for the future success and international competitivity of Metaltechnology Austria.


 Mag. Christian Knill

Mag. Christian Knill

Managing Directors

Dr. Berndt-Thomas Krafft, Dipl.-Ing. Adolf Kerbl

Dr. Berndt-Thomas Krafft
Dipl.-Ing. Adolf Kerbl

We provide best service, based on:

  • maximum flexibility and dynamic action,
  • teamwork for improved innovation force,
  • highly-qualified employees,
  • efficient and unbureaucratic service,
  • focussed ressources and cost savings.