Heat w├Ąrmetechnische Anlagen Ges.m.b.H.

Siegfried-Marcus-Stra├če 9
A - 2362 Biedermannsdorf
Telephone + 43 (0) 2236 731 30
Fax + 43 (0) 2236 731 30-300
E-Mail heat@heatgroup.at
Web http://www.heatgroup.at

Heat w├Ąrmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H. is the parent company of the

heat-group. In line with our corporate goals - energy supply by one single firm - the group has shown to be a reliable expert in the fields of gas, oil, process, heat, process and environmental technology.

Heat produces plants and appliances for the natural gas and heat technology, such as pressure vessels, filters, separators, drying columns and silencers for natural gas plants. For power plants and industrial applications, the company manufactures heat exchangers, heated by steam, water, oil, exhaust air and electricity. The range of products includes gas pressure regulators, safety stop valves and odorizing units.

The company designs and builds complete plants, such as reduction units, measuring installations, separating and drying systems, according to the needs of the customers. Innovative compact gas reducing stations, patented as "MONOBLOCK MBÔÇť, suit the customer's needs in terms of cost-effectiveness.


Apparatus engineering: filters, separators, heat-exchangers, silencers, pressure vessels and pig stations.

Building infrastructure: safety stop valves, gas pressure regulators, combined gas pressure regulators with built-in safety stop valve and safety blow-off valves.

Natural gas technology: natural gas reducing stations, measuring stations, liquid gas plants, mixing plants, odorizing units.

Process technology: NH3-plants, solvent recovery - garbage dump - degassing plants, gas drying plants.

Heating technology: heat recovery, central heating, thermal oil plants, fuel engineering and hot gas generators.

Environmental technology: thermal-catalytic postcombustion plants, flue gas dust collectors, DeNOX plants, exhaust air decontamination.

Local gas supply: infrastructure planning, calculation of profitability, dimensioning and detail planning.


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