Julius Blum GmbH

Address Industriestraße 1
A - 6973 Höchst
Telephone + 43 (0) 5578 705-0
Fax + 43 (0) 5578 705-44
E-Mail info@blum.com
Web http://www.blum.com

Blum is one of the leading international manufacturers of furniture fittings. All over the world, quality furniture -especially kitchens- is equipped with Blum hinges, drawers, pull-out and lift systems. The production facilities are located in Europe, the USA and Brazil.


The production range includes the following innovations and solutions in proven Blum quality:

- Hinge-, drawer- and pull-out-systems and lift systems

- Tool free assembly with the CLIP top hinge

- Full extension pull-out for more ergonomic comfort and functionality.

- Optimum storage solutions

- BLUMOTION for easy and noiseless closing of drawers, pull-outs and doors.