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buntmetall amstetten GmbH has been producing since 1904 high-quality semi-finished and finished products of copper and copper alloys. The company was privatized completely in 1989 by a management-buy-out and is today Austria's leading manufacturer of nonferrous metal products. Since 1999 buntmetall amstetten is a part of the German Wieland-Group. In 2012, the company achieved a turnover of more than 285 million €. 90% of the products manufactured by 626 employees are exported. The plant Enzesfeld-Caro, Enzesfeld, has 255 employees.


Among our clients we count SKF, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen or Ferrari. The product range reaches from the raw material and the semi-finished product up to the precision component, ready for being built-in. In the production areas foundry, drawing plant, bearing cages and bushes, as well as railway technology, about 21,000 tons of high-quality products are manufactured annually from copper and copper alloys.


Our range of products at plant Enzesfeld-Caro:

wrought copper alloys in the form of bars, tubes and profiles (bronzes, copper-nickel, etc.)

plain bearings and special-turning parts (solid bushes for plain bearings, bushes of sintered tin bronzes, self-lubricating plain bearings)

solid brass cages for almost all types of bearings

maintenance-free roller device AUSTROROLL for lubricating-free railway switch points.

Employees 251-500